In 2011, my wife and I made a conscious decision to focus on our children, faith and other passions in life. 
Working from home, coffee shops or other public spaces  wasn’t the solution. We felt more exhausted at the end of a day, and had little to show for our efforts.
After 5 years of studying others in similar situations, the Nestspace was born. The solution was to be in a place where the right energy is released for the right task.

our mission

To create spaces that release the right energy to get things done creatively and productively.

What we share at work with everyone;

Make An Impact

Do something for someone today to make them, and yourself, feel better.

Stay Driven

There are lots to be achieved; one goal at a time.

Act On It

Nothing starts or changes until you act on it.


Coworking space in Victoria Park, Western Australia