9 Interesting Advice to Stay Competitive in 2018

1.LinkedIn Matters It’s your personal branding website. The keyword is PROFILE (more than just your looks). Get it right early. It does take time and thinking. 2. Map Your Business Activity Journey Lots to do, little time and resources - the story of a small business...

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Interesting Ways to Easily Complete An Online Course

You’ve heard it before - “Never Stop Learning!” Easier said than done. I share your sentiments. But I recently powered my way through an online course and discovered how easy it can be. With 3 growing small businesses to manage, 5 young children and a desire to put my...

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Unlock The Uniqueness of Your Business For Growth

The No 1 challenge in marketing is having a unique positioning strategy. What are the steps to achieve this? 1. Determine the uniqueness of your target audience's problem This may sound unfamiliar.But I've learnt pinning down the uniqueness of the target audience’s...

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How to Drive Your Business to The Next Level

By the 3rd year, you must be looking at scaling up your business. While it's not difficult to move the needle from nothing to something, to move the needle to the next mark is more challenging. To be a SCALEUP, you will have to possess these: 1. Focus 2....

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How to Self Destruct A Growing Business

That's exactly what I did 6 years ago. A major reason I started the Nestspace is to help growing small businesses avoid making the same mistakes. 1. Know why you're busy Being in business does not mean busy-ness. These are your 3 priorities: 1. Get to know...

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